Instruments can be loaned out to other researchers on an as needed basis and include:

  • Hyperspectral Imager SOC710 from Surface Optics
  • Hyperspectral Tethered Radiometer Buoy (HTSRB) with K-chain (Satlantic) and 2 additional upwelling sensors
  • Hyperspectral Field Spec Pro™ VNIR-NIR1 portable spectrometer system from Analytical Spectral Devices.
  • Hyperspectrla underwater dive spectrometer custom built from a JAZZ spectrometer (Ocean Optics)
  • Laser diffraction particle analyzers: a LISST-100X and LISST-FLOC (Sequoia Scientific)
  • Profiling bio-optical cage with an ac-9, ac-S, ctd, and backscattering sensor (bb2F) (WET Labs).
  • Wide variety of programming and numerical analysis software including FORTRAN 95, MatLab, ENVI, Hydrolight and ArcView.