In collaboration with MBARI and the CICORE program, we have been processing hyperspectral measurements of hyperspectral sea surface reflectance and inherent optical properties collected nearshore along the California Coast. Results from our research include:


  • DATA PROCESSING TOOLBOX: MATLAB toolbox to process in situ HTSRB and HyperPRO data using the radiative transfer model Hydrolight and inherent optical properties from an ac-9.
  • QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF SEA SURFACE COLOR AND RED TIDES: The perceived color of a spectra can be modeled from any radiance spectra (see CIEColor program). We have submitted a manucscript analyzing reflectance spectra and the perceived color of the sea surface from various phytoplankton taxa, colored dissolved organic matter, and sediments.
  • PHYTOPLANKTON AND THE RED EDGE: Phytoplankton exhibit enhance near-infrared reflectance similar to all terrestrial vegetation. The red edge has implications for remote sensing of red tides and backscattering theory in general.
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